[eBook] Omnichannel is Dead: Long Live Conversations 

How to Revamp Your Customer Service Strategy for the Modern Consumer


Today's consumers care about contacting customer service in a way that is convenient and conversational above all else. It's no longer about having every communication channel, but having the right channel that lends itself to a great experience.

Unfortunately, that convenient and conversational experience is not available with a traditional omnichannel approach: these channels are typically disconnected and force customers to wait around, start over and often repeat themselves. It's cumbersome, and needlessly expensive. There's a better way to do customer service, though, with a conversation-based strategy. 

Download this eBook and learn how to craft your new strategy that leverages:

  • Messaging as your go-to channel that customers love
  • The best of both asynchronous and synchronous communication
  • AI-powered automation and bots for operational efficiency

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