Forrester Report:
Prove the ROI of Your Digital Service Channels

Forrester Report:  Five Methods For Measuring Call Deflection From Experiences That Begin With Digital


We know that bots and agents can handle far more conversations at once via chat than a single agent can via the phone...

...but per Forrester: “brands struggle to prove that customers resolve issues in these lower-cost channels without escalating to more expensive channels.”

It’s important to show the efficacy of messaging not just as a first line of defense, but as a resolution channel. This Forrester report can help by providing 5 ways to measure call deflection from experiences that begin with digital.

Download now and learn how to:  

1. Leverage Customer Journey Analytics 
2. Conduct Cross-Channel Leakage Analysis
3. Map Phone Numbers To Specific Digital Touchpoints
4. Bridge Web- And Mobile-App Initiated Calls With Call Identifiers
5. Connect Web Journey And Phone Data For Intent Determination


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